Evolvement of New Economic System

V. Dementiev. Public Corporations in Russia`s Economic Strategy: with Reference to Discussion on «Anti-State Capitalism» Attitudes of Federal Authorities

Methodology, Theory, Practice

A. Shvetsov. Information Society: Theory and Practice of Evolvement on the Globe and in Russia. Article 4. Modern ICT in Activities of Russian Authorities: Will They Transform Public and Municipal Administration?

Yu. Boldyrev. Corruption — Systems Property of Post-Soviet Russian Capitalism (Scientific and Op-Ed Notes). Final Section

Economics and Education

V. Cherkovets. National Wealth and National Product from General Economic Theory Perspective: Past and Present (Lecture and Seminar Materials). Final Section

Calling on Our Colleagues

V. Falin. Foiled Blitzkrieg: Great Britain and United States Reaction (in Connection with 70th Anniversary of the Beginning of Great Patriotic War)

A. Frolov. The First in the «Party of Five» on of the 1840`s: at the Roots of the Core Ideologic Tradition (on the Occasion of 200th Anniversary of V.G.Belinsky Birthday)

Reviews and References

A. Maslennikov. Social Challenges of the 21st Century: Europe`s Response (on a Regular Issue of Monograph Series «The Old World — New Times», Institute of Europe, RAS)

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