Evolution of New Economic System

Pace of Reform

S. G l a z i e v. «Strategy 2020» — Anti-Modernization Document

Social Processes

V. B o b k o v. Dismal Social Results of Twenty Years of Capitalist Transformation in Russia

Methodology, Theory, Practice

A. S h v e t s o v. «Information Society»: Theory and Practice of Its Evolution in the World and in Russia. Article 5. Spatial Aspects of ICT Dissemination: the Process and Results of Russia Regions and Cities Computerization (Ending)

World Economy

International Relations

S. G l a z i e v, S. B a i z a k o v (Astana), M. Y e r s h o v, D. M i t y a e v, G. F e t i s o v. Towards Sustainable Growth Through a Fair International Economic Order (a Presentation Made at the 5th Astana Economic Forum)

China Case

L. N o v o s i o l o v a. PRC Banking System in the 21st Century: Ten Years of Reforms

Criticism and Bibliography

On «Macroeconomics Textbook: Scientific Schools, Concepts, Economic Policy» Written by Scholars From MSU Economic Department, Political Economy Chair

Scientific Reports. Forum

V. U l i a n o v. Concerning More Effective Public Procurement

V. I v a n o v, O. P i m k i n a. On Modernization of Social Insurance Institutions

V. M i r o n o v a. Australian Economic Reforms Case

Information Support of the Issue


Abstracts of Main Articles