Towards 70th Anniversary of Victory (from Commemorative Book «Great Patriotic: Geopolitics, Economy and Spirituality Issues» Ekonomicheskaya Gazeta PH)

Yu. Yakutin
Lessons of Great Victory

A. Lyubinin
USSR and the West on the Eve of the Second World War: Authentic History and Present-Day Anti-Russian «Historical Policy»

V. Falin
Russophobia and Anti-Sovietism of the West – Factors of German Fascism Strengthening and Effective Realization of a Fragment of its Aggressive Plans

E. Ivanov
Dynamics of General Proportions and Variables of Soviet Economy During War Years: Realization of Planning-Mobilization Economy Management Potential

A. Gusev, P. Makarov, A. Pokatov
Science – Defence Economy – Victory


Evolution of New Economic System

Financial and Credit Relations

M. Yershov, A. Tanasova, V. Tatuzov, O.Lupandina
Financial Sector in 2014: Concerning Some Events and Dynamics’ Results


Agriculture Transformations

B. Porfiriev
Development of «Green Agro-Economics» in Russia – Long-Term Response to Sanctions and Strategic Line of National Agro-Industry Modernization


Scientific Reports. Forum

K. Kuznetsova, V. Dukova
Public Transport in Moscow Megalopolis: Problems and Approaches to Solution (Final Sections)