Evolution of New Economic System

S. G l a z i e v

Concerning Urgent Measures for Strengthening Economic Security of Russia and Placing Russia’s Economy in Rapid Development Trajectory (Academic Version of the Presentation)


Methodology, Theory, Practice

M. D e l y a g i n

Russian Liberalism: Intellectual Paralysis and Threat to Development (on Prime Minister’s Paper «A New Reality: Russia and Global Challenges»).

A. M e l e n t i e v’s Afterword


Public and Corporate Management

Y u. V i n s l a v

Project-Based Approach as a Multilevel Management Phenomenon: System-Wide Contents, Currency of Application at Macro Level, Necessity and Specifics of the Use by Large Integrated Corporations


Criticism and Bibliography

Y u. Y a k u t i n

Under the Slogan «Useful». Free Economic Society of Russia: 250 Years of the Service to the Fatherland (Opening Paper for a Jubilee History and Nonfiction Book «Bees Bringing Honey to the Hive» Issued by Ekonomicheskaya Gazeta Publishing House)


Scientific Reports. Forum

A. N a z a r o v a,
N. K h o z h a i n o v

Agricultural Insurance: Concerning Concept of Ripe Transformations (Final Paper)


V. R e m c h u k o v a

Concerning Characteristics of Modern Forms of Preferential Cooperation of States