Evolution of New Economic System

General Progress of Reforms


Designed Budget Policy 2016: the Imperative of Socio-Economic Course «Reversion» Was, as Expected, Ignored Again (Estimates and Suggestions by Left-Wing Deputy Corps Representatives: G. Z y u g a n o v; O. D m i t r i e v a, I. G r a c h i o v, N. P e t u k h o v a, A. K r u t o v).

Introduction and Afterword by A. M e l e n t i e v


Foreign Economic Aspects


S. T k a c h u k.

From CU–UES to UAEU as Such: Concerning Harmonization of Member Countries’ Industrial Policy (Conceptual Considerations)


D. Y e l i s e e v.

Prospects and Risks of Development of the Northern Sea Route as a Russian Through-Passage of Global Interest


Public Administration and Corporate Management


Y u. V i n s l a v.

Project Approach as a Multilevel Management Phenomenon: General System Content, Currency of Application at Macrolevel, Necessity and Specifics of Use by Big Untegrated Corporations (finale)


V. B o r i s o v,
O. P o c h u k a e v a.

Russia’s Arctic Zone Innovative Development Projects in Terms of «Green Growth» Theory


Criticism and Bibliography


Y u. Y a k u t i n.

Under the Slogan of «Useful». Free Economic Society of Russia: 250 Years of Service to the Fatherland (Opening Paper for a Jubilee History and Nonfiction Book «Bees Bringing Honey to the Hive» Issued by Ekonomicheskaya Gazeta Publishing House). Sequel


Scientific Reports. Forum


P. E s k o v a.

Role of Gold in Modern Economy: the Latest Confirmation of Significance


N. K u t e p o v a.

College Teacher at Secondary School: How to Convey the Topics of Unemployment and Inflation to Pupils