Evolution of a New Economic System

General Course of Reform

Gumerov R.R. Realization of National Goals in the Proposed Model of Strategic Economic Planning

Reform and Region

Kuznetsov N. I. Regulation of Urban Agglomeration Processes in Russia: Problems and Approaches to Their Solution

Trachenko M.B., Gaisha O.D. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Financing Industrial Clusters

Vorotnikov A.M., Tarasov B.A., Panshina V.A. Glamping as a Specific Formof Ecotourism: on Development in the Russian Arctic

Sectoral Problems

Vinslav Yu.B., Lunkin D.A. On Improvement of Corporate Relations in the Mining Corporate Relations in the Mining and Metallurgical Complex of Russia

Environmental Dimension

Terentiev N.E.

On Climate Change Risks of Long-Term Socio-Economic Development in Russia


Presentation of UNCTAD’s Trade and Development Report 2019 at the Economist’s House

All-Russian Economic Meeting