Evolution of the Post-Soviet Economic System

General Courseof Reform

Vinslav Yu.B. Year 2020: On the Remaining Reproductive Threats and Their Neutralization on the Ways to Improve Strategic Planning and Industrial Policy, the Deployment of the National Innovation System and Its Sectoral and Regional Subsystems


Social Processes

Bobkov V.N., Gulyugina A.A., Odintsova Ye.V. Minimum Consumer Basket: What Should It Be in Today’s Russia?


Public and Corporate Governance

Lunkin A.N. Strategic Alliances as a Kind of «Soft» Integrated Corporations (Conceptual Approaches to Analysis and Recommendations for Organizational Design)


Economic and Mathematical Approaches

Rogulin R.S. Building a Non-Trivial Economic and Mathematical Model for Management of Production Organizations


Scientific Posts. Forum

Boldyrev O.Yu. Economic Sovereignty of the State: on the Content and Constitutional and Legal Support (Considerations of a Constitutional Lawyer)