Methodology, Theory, Practice

Kapkanshchikov S.G. Coronacrisis in the Mechanisms of Cyclic Development of the World and Russian Economies

Shvetsov A.N. Again About a Unique Academic Study of Spatial Development of Post-Soviet Russia (Content and Results of a Series of Programs of Fundamental Works by Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2009–2020)


State Governance and Corporate Management

Zeldner A.G., Osipov V.S., Silvestrov S.N. Development of Dual Technologies and Diffusion of Innovations of Military Sectors of the Economy into Civilian Ones: Potential of State Corporations and Conditions for its Implementation

Petrikova E.M. Anti-Crisis Transformation of the Financial Strategy of the Automotive Company PJSC «KAMAZ»


World Economy

Roginko S.A., Silvestrov S.N. Implementation of the Paris Agreement on Global Climate: European Carbon Blackmail of Russia and Possibilities of Countering It

Chirkin S.A. Russia — Brazil: Approval of the Strategic Partnership


Economics, Science and Education

Nazarova I.A. About Alternative Concepts of Money in RUSSIA (to the 160th Anniversary of the Birth of A.A. Manuylov). Materials for Lectures and Seminars



The Presentation of the UNCTAD’s «Trade and Development Report 2021» Was Held at the International Union of Economists