Evolution of the Post-Soviet Economic System

General Course of the Reform

Vinslav Yu.B. Mobilization economy as a technology of public administration in the conditions of total sanctions

Sectoral Problems

Yakovleva N.G. Education: The role in the formation of human potential, technological and socio-economic modernization of Russia

World Economy

Denisenko K.S. Brexit’s effects on German-UK cooperation in chemical industry

Methodology, Theory, Practice

Lyubinin A.B. The construction of Socialism in a single country and the critical evolution of the socialist ideal

Bobkov V.N., Odintsova E.V., Shichkin I.A. The impact of professional skills in the use of information and communication technologies on the income from employment: Generational differentiation

Valiullin H.H., Shiryaeva L.A. On the methodology of the complementary currencies project analysis