Evolution of New Economic System

Reform and Region

V. L e k s i n. Settlement System Crisis in Connection with Radical Transformation of Spatial Organization of Russian Society

Financial and Credit Relations

Yu. P e t r o v. Evolution of Russia`s Taxation System and Opportunities for Employing Fiscal Tools for Boosting Economic Development (Closing Part)

Methodology, Theory, Practice

A. S h v e t s o v. «Information Society»: Theory and Practice of Evolution in the World and in Russia. Article 5. Spatial Aspects of ICT Dissemination: the Process and Results of Russia Regions and Cities Computerization (Sequel)

Economics and Education

A. L y u b i n i n. Two Political Economies: of Socioeconomic Development and of Business Processes (Objective Conditionality of Different Methodological Approaches and Irreducibility of Theoretical Results)

Criticism and Bibliography

Yu. Y a k u t i n. Allied Supplies as a Factor of Great Patriotic and Subject of «Cold» and «Post-Cold» Wars (Introduction to the Book by N.I.Ryzhkov «Great Patriotic: Lend-Lease»)

Scientific Reports. Forum

A. F r o l o v. On Govorukho-Otrok Prescriptions (in Connection with 95th Anniversary of February Bourgeois-Democratic Revolution and Subsequent Change of «Political Cycles» in Post-Soviet Russia)

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Abstracts of Main Articles